Love jazz? Us too.

If you’re interested in learning more about the music discussed on this blog, there’s no better resource than is a special venture of Second Floor Music designed to bring our rich legacy of high-quality jazz into the digital age. Only there can you gain access to lead sheets, transcribed solos, historical notes, and practice tracks for Don Sickler’s top-of-the-line Second Floor Music collection, and we’re adding more sheet music to it every week.

Ok, we know. We’re giving you the hard sell here. We’re just a little obsessed with the website and want to get the word out about it. Sure, we’re not the only company that has digital downloads of our sheet music, but the level of detail in these charts is out of this world. We spend days perfecting each one, often running them by the composers themselves when possible or at the very least comparing them to the original manuscripts (yes, we have the original manuscripts — jealous?!). And beyond that, we’re continually developing new products to make this music accessible to students, teachers,  hobbyists, and professional musicians alike — from the practice materials and easy piano arrangements to complex note-for-note transcriptions of the masters, we have every skill level covered.

Here are some of Rachel and Emily’s favorite charts–


  • Dark Beauty, by Kenny Drew: is it normal for a song to make me cry? Should I be concerned?
  • Basheer’s Dream, by Gigi Gryce: the gold standard in sexy, sexy Cuban charts. Obviously by Gigi Gryce. What a master.
  • Blue Bossa, by Kenny Dorham: it’s famous for a reason, which is that it’s a darn good chart. Plus, if you’re gonna do “Blue Bossa,” do it right and do it with the bass line that KD intended the song to go with.
  • Please, Let Me Share This With You, music by Dexter Gordon, lyric by Rachel Gould: a lyric version of Dexter’s “Jodi,” and what a lyric it is. Honest, tender, and somehow sentimental without being the least bit sappy.
  • Night Bird, music by Al Cohn, lyric by Kitty Malone: I’m still confused why this isn’t a standard already. Also, no one has any idea who Kitty Malone is, which is kind of fun. I kind of hope it’s Al Cohn’s alter ego.


  • A Little Busy, by Bobby Timmons: a little funky, a little makes me want to dance.
  • Old Ballad, by Kenny Wheeler: it’s a nostalgic ballad and it’s sad as hell…in a good way.
  • The Crossing, by Sheila Jordan: folk meets jazz meets Sheila Jordan.
  • Love And Deception, by Sergio Mihanovich: can you give me one good reason why Sergio isn’t the star of vocal standards today? “Love And Deception” should be as well-known as “My Funny Valentine.”

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